Since 1997 Fire Sentry Systems technicians have gained a reputation for outstanding excellence in the installation of fire and life safety equipment. Fire Sentry sells and installs the highest quality equipment from Honeywell, including Gamewell FCI, Farenhyt, Silent Knight, Fire-Lite and Xtralis. We’re also experts in EST, Harrington, Potter, Notifier, Bosch and others. Fire Sentry employs NICET certified designers, programmers and technicians to ensure thoughtful, precise execution from concept to completion. Let Fire Sentry’s team of experts design a system that is user friendly, reliable and above all, safe.

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As a Gamewell FCI distributor, Fire Sentry Systems is able to design a Gamewell FCI system to meet your exact specifications. Gamewell FCI systems provide the highest in usability with integrated touchscreen control panels and remote annunciators, large wall mounted graphic annunciators and integrated voice evacuation. The E3 series fire panels are economical enough for simple riser monitor systems and scalable to cover a campus wide network of interconnected panels. With the capability of Gamewell FCI’s SWIFT wireless detection technology, retrofit projects are more economical than ever. It’s easy to see why Fire Sentry Systems and Gamewell FCI have been a winning combination for many of our clients.

EST offers modular alarm systems preferred by government and military clients. The top tier EST3 systems are scalable and can be networked together for large scale and mass notification applications. Fire Sentry has multiple EST3 programmers available in-house to ensure that systems are installed properly and as efficiently as possible. We’re also highly experienced in Edwards’ small to midsize fire systems. These panels include the iO Series and FireShield alarm systems, and can be used for a new installation or retrofit of an existing panel. Our certified technicians can also repair and program the legacy EST2 and QuickStart fire systems, preventing unnecessary replacement and prolonging the life of our customer’s older systems.

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For small to medium sized facilities Silent Knight has been the preferred control panel for decades. Many clients prefer the familiarity and flexibility of an open distributorship system and we offer multiple brands to meet their demands. In addition to Silent Knight, Fire Sentry offers control panels from Potter, Fire-Lite and Harrington that offer their own features and benefits. Contact our design team to find out which system best meets your needs and budget.

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Vesda aspiration detection systems provide the most reliable early warning smoke detection systems in the industry. Vesda air sampling systems are able to monitor multiple points in a facility discretely and provide sensitivity to 0.0015% obs/ft providing the earliest possible detection of any system. Vesda systems are also able to provide gas and CO detection for industrial and residential facilities. Contact our design team to see which system best fits your application.

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