Inspection & Testing

Stringent standards must be met during the installation of fire alarms and other life safety systems, however without proper testing and maintenance, these systems can fail, resulting in loss of property, assets and life in an emergency situation. To reduce the risk of malfunctions, systems are required to be inspected and tested at intervals during their lifespan. At Fire Sentry Systems, we inspect every system to the most stringent standards required for the property.

With nearly 2 decades of experience inspecting systems to NFPA 72, Joint Commission, and many other authority standards, we effortlessly meet any client’s needs. Fire Sentry uses time tested methods that increase efficiency and reduce disruption while the inspection is being performed.  We provide all necessary documentation for record keeping needed after an inspection is complete, making the process cost effective, simple and stress-free for building owners and property managers. If any deficiencies are found, we will provide cost efficient solutions to get the system restored to optimal working condition, ensuring that your building is always up-to-date, compliant, and safe.

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