Case studies

These case studies highlight the decision-making processes that Fire Sentry Systems team used with our clients. These cases are designed to be descriptive nature, showcasing unique instances in particular business which gave Fire Sentry Systems the opportunity to truly shine. If you have any questions or would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on our contact page.

Potato Processing Plant

282,000 Square foot potato processing facility required extensive repair after a fire occurred on campus and went undetected, significantly damaging the structure and equipment. The fragmented fire alarm on campus consisted of multiple types and manufacturers of fire alarms systems. Fire Sentry Systems was approached to re-design and install a complete system.

Fire Sentry Systems re-designed a single unified, networked, intelligent fire alarm system consisting of 9 control panels. The fire system serves all buildings on campus and reports to a centralized on campus station, using state of the art facility management software and a remote monitor station.

  • Fire Sentry Systems worked closely with suppression contractors to ensure systems interfaced seamlessly.
  • Fire Sentry Systems utilized existing components when possible to increase cost savings.
  • Work was completed in phases during operation to minimize loss of plant productivity.
  • Fire Sentry Systems included facility management software to aid in facility maintenance and supervision of all fire alarm devices.

Church System Repair

Fire Sentry’s team holds that houses of worship should always be safe places for believers to gather. To aid in that, Fire Sentry Systems provides discounted rates to all of our church partners. Fire Sentry was called to a church to resolve a trouble on an aging Emergency Voice Evacuation System. Fire Sentry’s technician found that the amplifiers, which provide emergency instructions during a fire event, had failed and were discontinued through the manufacturer. Fire Sentry Systems was able to provide a cost effective solution that provides for current system loads and enables incredible system expandability for future growth.

  • Fire Sentry removed the failed equipment, leaving the existing system in operation which prevented further upgrade requirements related to fire codes.
  • Fire Sentry interconnected a new modular evacuation system with the existing fire panel to provide evacuation signals in an emergency.
  • In the future, when the existing panel completely fails or the church decides to upgrade, the modular system can be retrofit to communicate with existing detectors and field devices. This significantly reduces overall cost in future system upgrades.
  • The modular system has the capability to be expanded to meet any future needs of the building. The system has the capability to expand up to 122 nodes, providing as much as 12,200 watts of power for emergency evacuation systems and more than 77,000 addressable system points if needed. 

Multi Family Complex

Fire Sentry Systems was contracted to design and install the fire alarm system in an eleven building apartment complex. Generally, the least expensive and most common system found in multifamily applications are standalone systems independent to each building. Fire Sentry Systems’ sales team and designers met with the development owners and received approval on a complete system redesign. 

  • The system included a single fire alarm control panel at the entry of the complex. This allows first responders the ability to gain important information about the location of the fire event immediately upon arrival at the facility.
  • The remaining ten buildings were connected to the main fire alarm control panel using an analog addressable loop. Each building device would communicate specific information back to the main panel. No reduction in system functionality. 
  • Buildings were electrically isolated and a redundant path was provided to ensure that the system will still be completely functional in the event of a wiring fault, lightning strike or other abnormal event. 
  • Upon completion of the project, there was no increase in construction cost compared to installing independent panels and the owner’s ongoing recurring costs were estimated to be reduced by more than 60 percent.

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